Site access management

Site Access Management (SAM)

Site Access Management is an access control system that allows your organization to reduce the global costs of your logistic processes by automating your transports. The whole system is based on a self service portalsite (a webbased app which is accessible for your employees & visitors).


When your visitor arrives, he can check-in automatically with an e-ticket he received in advance. Your visitor will receive the right instructions in a language of his choice.
Not announced visitors will have the opportunity to check-in at a self service ticket booth to ask for permission to enter your premises. This reduces the waiting time and increases efficiency of your whole site.



Site Access Management easily integrates with your existing access control and logistic management systems. Your visitor will have automatic access to the right zones on your logistic site. This results in less paperwork and more efficiency for you. After the visit, access will automatically deactivate.

Site Access Management  is  the perfect solution to reduce 10 – 50% of your lead time on your logistic site.



When an employee schedules an appoinment with an external visitor, he will receive a meeting request, together with an e-ticket for your portal site. Once he arrives, he can automatically register with this e-ticket and get access to your site. The portal manages access for individual visitors, as well as contractors or suppliers.

Site Access Management Systeem is  a smart and cost efficient form of access control, which also improves the experience for your visitors. 


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The synergy between physical and digital security and data gathering, will be a challenge for each logistic site the coming years.
– DHL Logistics Trends Radar